Cool down

Herco Kühltechnik:
Quality according to customer requirements.

We manufacture each of our high-quality solutions individually tailored to your needs – from project planning to delivery and commissioning. And to meet your specific requirements, we apply tried and tested concepts as well as our own patents and manufacturing processes, thus guaranteeing a technological advantage at a consistently high level of quality.

Despite being manufactured individually, all Herco systems have something in common: they operate at a high level of efficiency and are durable, robust, reliable, low-maintenance and service-friendly.

Key components such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, adsorbers and switchgear (including control software) are designed and manufactured in-house. Purchased parts are sourced from selected, reliable partners. Our systems are assembled and commissioned by our specialists and maintained by Herco service technicians or by members of the plant operator’s staff that have been trained by us.