Cool down

Fridge recycling, stage 1

Used cooling units are recycled in two consecutive stages. During the first stage, the coolant/oil mixture in the unit’s cooling circuit is recovered and treated. To do this, the cooling circuit is pierced using special pliers and the coolant/oil mixture is sucked out. The stage-1 systems separate the coolant from the oil, allowing both components to be disposed of properly.

Stage-1 systems from Herco are in use at more than 30 locations worldwide – either as semi-automatic or as fully automatic systems, depending on customer needs. The stricter safety requirements for handling cooling units that came into force with the introduction of the R600a coolant have, of course, also been taken into account: Herco supplies both stage-1 broaching tools and broaching tools certified according to the ATEX guideline especially for these circuits, and its overall plant product range covers the entire spectrum of units to be treated.