Cool down

Recycling of cooling units, stage 2

During the second treatment stage, the blowing agents in the cooling units’ insulation foams are recovered. The cooling units are shredded, releasing the blowing agents in the foam. The gases produced are then sucked out of the shredding units and treated in the Herco plant.

The gaseous coolants are liquefied under high pressure and at low temperatures. The condensed blowing agents are then collected in special drums. The process gas is treated to ensure that first the moisture then the cyclopentanes and finally the CFCs condense out.

The equipment is designed to operate continuously seven days a week with no redundancy in any part of the system.

The liquid nitrogen required for the process can be used for the inertisation of the shredding plant, meaning that not only blowing-agent recovery but also plant safety is catered for.

Stufe 2-Anlage: Innenaufstellung beim Kunden mit zusätzlichem Wäscher
Dosierpumpe zur Neutralisation von Säuren bzw Basen
Stufe 2-Anlage: Außenaufstellung beim Kunden
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