Cool down

Adsorption/desorption plants

In this type of system the adsorption/desorption characteristics of the organic components in the exhaust gas flow in relation to different adsorbers are exploited. This process technology is particularly well suited to processes with high flow rates and a low solvent concentration in the gas flow. Depending on the loading capacity required, activated carbon or molecular sieves, for example, are used as adsorption media.

To achieve a higher degree of efficiency, the process gas is preconditioned, i.e. the water content of the gas is reduced before the gas enters the adsorber unit. After the adsorption phase the container is regenerated, consisting of heating, decompressing, emptying the residual contents, drying and cooling. During desorption the heating process causes the adsorbed solvents to be released. The resulting condensate is collected and conducted into a buffer tank. Cooling down the adsorption tank allows it to be used again.